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There are very strict regulations regarding the class attendance of non-EU students. These regulations are set by the Irish Department of Justice, and are enforced by the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB). In keeping with official regulations, Erin School of English is obligated to enforce a strict attendance policy.

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Visa Renewal


Attending school regularly is very important. If you have a student visa you must come to school every day to achieve an attendance record of 85% or higher. Please advise the school if you are unable to come to class on time (via email at [email protected]). Attendance records will not be altered in any way and the Director of Studies will deal with all related appeals. Student sick leave can only be approved with a medical certificate. No attendance records can be amended once the course has finished.

Any student who is late for class or who leaves early will not receive attendance for that day. Students can be up to 15 minutes late or leave 15 minutes early only in an emergency. Attending work is not considered an emergency and students who are late on a regular basis will not receive attendance for those days.

Any student who does not come to school for more than 3 weeks will be reported to the GNIB (Garda National Immigration Bureau). Non-EU students on a 25-week programme are allowed take holidays during 1st June – 30th September and 15th December – 15th January if you have completed 8 weeks of classes before beginning your holiday. Holidays must be agreed and approved in advance by administration only, subject to an administration fee of €20. Class time is added at the end of the course for approved holidays only.

Please note that any students with a low record of attendance (less than 75%) will not be issued with supporting student letters and will be reported to GNIB. If your name was removed from the current list of students due to non-attendance, you must contact reception and pay a registration fee of €20 euro to re-register.

You must bring your attendance card or a clear picture of it on your phone (showing your photo, name & QR code) every day.

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